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My name is Paddy McGurgan, and I have worked within the makeup industry for over 20 years.

Within that time, I have worked on some of the biggest catwalk shows including; Paris, New York and Milan as well as red carpet events and countless photoshoots with some of the most talented creatives.

I want to share with you the techniques and skills I have built over the years, and how I retrained and kept up to date with the latest makeup trends. Whilst working on high-end events I also understand the importance of having access to the everyday consumer and staying up to date with ever-changing lifestyle trends.

So, I opened a store, 11 years ago called Make Up Pro Store; a hub of ​Pro​ Artists giving ​Pro ​Advice, and the most ​Professional makeup service​s available. 

​So why sign up for a makeup course when there is so much information out there​ already?

On Instagram, Youtube and Tiktok?
The internet is flooded with tutorials….

This course leaves you with so much versatility and confidence to complete any brief that is given to you from clients to photoshoots and everything in between.

I remember as a Make Up Artist building my skill set, I had several make-up heroes I looked up to for inspiration and guidance. Over the years, I began to lose the admiration I once had for them. I soon worked out why. It was simply because they had become outdated. I made a commitment to myself that I would never find myself in this position and this is why I continue to build on my own skills. I embrace the new and stay in pursuit of being a better artist than the one I was yesterday.

So, if YOU have not committed to formal training and only rely on clips from Instagram and YouTube influencers. Take my advice, and do what you can, to constantly push yourself forward learning from industry experts.

It is common for many Makeup Artists to find themselves becoming complacent, stagnant, and eventually out of touch. It is this lack of reinvention in skill, that eventually artists see their client list slowly decline as they go elsewhere for a more modern on-trend makeup style. Remember, clients, no matter how much you feel you have built a rapport, will always want to try the new and most trending makeup and makeup artist.

So, don’t forget familiarity breeds contempt show your clients that you are always learning new and improved ways of doing makeup as well as adding to your kit, the most innovative of beauty formulations. This way your clients will always see you pushing to do better for them, each time they visit.

What’s stopping you?

Discover the power of education and my passion for teaching! I’ve spent 12 months curating a program, blending techniques I’ve learnt throughout my career from world-renowned artists, and I’ve moulded them into my signature style as a Makeup Artist. Now, YOU can access versatile, confidence-building techniques with just a click.

Does this sound familiar??

Self-sabotage is one of the most detrimental things you can let creep in as a creative. Let me be the person to build you up and take away all that negative noise in your own head, and if YOU commit, and put into practice what I have compiled in this course my promise to you is, that you will walk away the makeup artist you always dreamed of.

In this course, here are some of the looks you will learn:


If you commit to following all the training, every module and put these techniques into practice, and remember things like “you do not do something till you get it right, you do it until you cannot get it wrong!” you will succeed at this course!

Let me take you, step by step and build your confidence in perfecting all the techniques that go into calling yourself a professional makeup artist.

Learn at home or On The Go

The makeup masterclass academy really is the pinnacle of all the years of testing, refining and perfecting my skills as a makeup artist put into one online course. This is the most intense rigorous programme that will get you results- but in a way, that EVERYONE can follow and learn.

I made this course incredibly straight forward to ensure everyone can follow.

There really is no-one that cannot do this course, whether you are completely new to makeup, or an advanced artist, this course has an option for everyone. 

Is this course easy- NOPE! 

If you put the work in, will it be worth it- ABSOLUTELY!

So, get ready to roll up your sleeves, and bring your dream to life, carve yourself a career and an income, that will justify the hard work you put in. 

I’m going to show you how to do it, but nothing will happen without you putting in the work.


Course Curriculum
Your course curriculum includes Nine Learning Modules, with two bonus tutorials and an Industry Expert chat with me about how to boost your bridal business today!

The Business of Bridal

As a freelance makeup artist, financial security is crucial. The bridal industry provides a steady stream of pre-booked, lucrative work that offers stability. This video shares essential tips based on years of experience to help you build a thriving bridal makeup artistry business. You’ll learn key strategies to avoid pitfalls, nurture your reputation, make steady progress in your career, and establish a successful makeup artistry practice.

Module One: Natural Beauty

Discover the beauty of creating a flawless, natural makeup look that enhances your clients unique features.

Module Two: Smokey Glam

Unleash your clients inner glam with this iconic smokey eye, perfect for special occasions and nights out. The look that never goes out of style.

Module Three: Not Afraid of the Dark

Learn the secrets of creating mesmerising makeup looks inspired by the roaring 20’s giving you all of the modern twists all whilst building your confidence with colour and darkness.

Module Four: Making the Cut

Learn the art of a sharp defined makeup which pushes your eye for detail as well as your skill of precision to its limit, whilst continuing to guide you on your journey with colour confidence.

Module Five: Red Carpet Ready

Get ready to make your client shine like a star with glamorous makeup fit for any red-carpet event.

Module Six: Iconic 50s Glamour

Travel back in time and embrace the classic and timeless beauty of the 1950s. This look will focus on achieving precision with your eyeliner and sharp, symmetrical lip lines.

Module Seven: Monochrome Makeup

Explore the beauty of monochromatic makeup and create stunning single-color looks. This look continues to push your focus on achieving symmetry and sharpness in its execution and when perfected will allow you the confidence to do eyeliner, of ANY style on ANY person.

Module Eight: Bronzed and Beautiful

Achieve a sun-kissed glow and master the art of bronzed makeup. This will also allow you to start using other textures with your makeup for dramatic effect.

Module Nine: Disco Diva

Channel your client’s inner disco diva with bold and vibrant colourful makeup looks that make a statement. This tutorial sees the end of any fear of working with colour. Enjoy the world of multiple colour combinations, the fun has only BEGUN!

Bonus Tutorial: Dark Skin Perfection

Unveil the secrets of creating flawless makeup for dark skin tones. Give yourself the confidence to be totally inclusive as a makeup artist and give every skin tone that perfect makeup look.

Bonus Tutorial: Creative Makeup

Watch and learn how to bring your imagination to reality as we explore the world of artistic and creative makeup expression. This look is a style that goes beyond the traditional and conventional techniques allowing for experimentation, artistic expression, and imagination.

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for the makeup enthusiast with no formal training to those who have trained and still feel they need to build their skillset. Examples of which are:
The makeup industry is vast and constantly evolving, which means there is a demand for makeup courses to cater to various skill levels and interests. Whether individuals are looking to learn basic makeup application or want to explore specialised areas of makeup. This course will teach you many skills that will allow you the ability to produce more than just a “pretty basic makeup”.
Friendly reminder, you get all this when you join today!

Total Value = £3218/ $4183

The unbelievably small investment from you?


One Time Payment


Three Monthly Payments


Six Monthly Payments


*Exchange rates may vary

Yes Paddy, I NEED this course!

What happens if I am stuck on a module?

You will have unlimited access to the online facebook community group, here you will be surrounded by artists including myself for tips and advice as well as your extensive and comprehensive make up bible and work book included in the course. 

Building a professional kit will require investment but throughout the course you are guided where best to invest your money, and get the most from your products in terms of versatility. You are also given some discount codes to support you as a makeup artist continuing to build your makeup kit. 

If you look at your artistry from ten years ago and it’s still the same now, you, as an artist will be left behind as a result of changing trends, and the dreaded word every make up artist winces to hear, you will become dated

The great benefit of doing a course like this is that you can watch and read all the information and materials at a time that suits you. You will have to learn some time management skills and arrange practice sessions around your childcare, and day to day routine.

Age means nothing if you have the passion and determination to succeed. Personally I have taught students from a vast age range and they have excelled across all age demographics.

As soon as you purchase you will be sent a link to join the facebook group, and you can immediately download your first module and gain access to the portal. 

Indeed, I can, there are no other charges, no recurring fees, no hidden options. One payment upfront.

Still got questions? 

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